Industrial IoT & Analytics Software Services

3D Educational Services, Inc. (3DES) is gearing for the growth of firms to transition to Industry 4.0 and is working diligently to put right data at the right time in the hands of the right people.

"Industry 4.0 refers to the fourth industrial revolution where manufacturing uses computer networks and network connected equipment/devices to gather data, exchange and analyze information to improve process efficiency & decrease cost of operations!"

To that extent 3DES is bringing numerous capabilities to its customers in the areas of integration of sensor data to existing client systems or cloud servers, advanced data analytics, AI / ML applications to provide insights of customers data.


Cloud Enabled IIoT Solutions

The cloud enabled solutions comprise of Industrial IoT like monitoring various devices like machines, robots & other high-value equipment. 3DES offers solutions in different areas like Healthcare Analytics for providers for managed care patients using vitals sensor data,  asset tracking - indoor and global mobile asset tracking, and cold-chain monitoring for pharma.

Advanced Analytics and Insights

3DES offers end-to-end data integration from clients' proprietary systems and sensor telemetry data onto cloud based software platforms like AWS, Azure and Thingsboard.

3DES offers advanced analytics using Apache Spark and Thingsboard dashboarding for real-time data and deep insights using customers historical data.


Software Consulting Services

Software development for various industrial applications using:

Python, C++

Linux, OpenCV, ROS with libraries

Gazebo, RViz and other open source tools

Databases like mongoDB, SQL Server

Google voice, video integration tools

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