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The need for teaching “Maker Skills” in schools is increasingly evident based on research. To help build interest in STEM subjects and supplement the math and science skills that are crucial for building the future U.S. STEM workforce, schools are heavily investing in integrating maker activities into their prescribed curriculum frameworks as per Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). By bringing training in a hybrid model part online and part in the classroom, we will be able to persuade more students to engage in STEM fields by building the skills they will need to strengthen the nation’s future STEM talent pool.

Our current targets are students in high schools and two and four year programs at colleges. We also facilitate our programs at private institutions interested in running technology related clubs!

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Acton PIP STEM Event
Acton PIP STEM Event
Boy Scout STEM Expo, Nashua, NH
Boy Scout STEM Expo, Nashua, NH 03/11/2017