Interactive 3D Visualizations

Interactive 3D visualizations provide an easier and faster access to information that students can learn by interacting with the 3D models on the screen. This creates an immersive engagement of the activity that the student is pursuing, thereby providing a better learning experience. 3D Educational Services, Inc. (3DES) engineers' have sound knowledge and experience in building applications in WebGL and libraries like Three.js, frameworks like Babylon.js,  and tools like Blend4web.


babylon.js is a real time 3D game engine distributed under Apache License 2.0.

3DES engineers have created a portfolio of 3D visualization projects in Babylon.js webGL framework for various educational needs. 3DES engineers also use the Oimo.js physics engine in their implementations. Here are our projects:



3DES engineers' have used the open-source version of Blend4web  software along with Blender to build interactive 3D visualization projects. 3DES uses Blend4web for content creation for Science, Engineering, Medical or Technology curriculum development work. Here are our projects:


3DES engineers have worked with existing sample Three.js projects by adding new features like highlighting particular face of a solid during interaction or providing additional parameters for a particular simulation (vary the speed/velocity) thereby providing add-on features for better control and visualization experience by the users. Here are our projects: